Squidgy Mr Universe #1

Squidgy Mr Universe #1 and #2

Haunted by the eyes of the prisoner, I started working, reworking and modifying this picture until I got to place that made me happy. Amelia laughs at and thinks it’s a little creepy with the bug eyes. I thought he looked a bit like an extraterrestrial, thus the stars and particle track imagery. And, yes, the name is borrowed from Firefly.

Based on photo from the National Archives of Norway

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Modified Sylvia #1

Modified Sylvia #1

This is Modified Sylvia #1. Sylvia Blain graciously let me modify her photo. I’m going to be modifying friend’s profile pictures over the coming year, mostly for laughs — but I love how these are turning out.

Dan Darr thinks there may be a growth market here for people who don’t really like pictures of themselves.

Modified Danny #1

Modified Danny #1

This is Danny Darr, one of my best friends, the drummer in the jazz trio I’m in, and one of the best men I know. Danny doesn’t necessarily like pictures of himself, but this one was ok:

I usually do not like images of myself, but I love what you did! I think portraits would work really well with what you do, because having something as personal and familiar as a face lets one see just how fragmented and artistic your technique is.

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