So what’s this all about, then?

Well, the short answer is creation. I like to create stuff. It’s a need — almost an urge. Make make make make make. Doesn’t necessarily matter what it is — websites, music, art, words — it’s all good.

snippet of a work in progress
Snippet of a work in progress

Problem is, once I’ve made something, I lose some of my interest in it. Which tends to create a surplus of works, and not much else. So I’ve decided to change that, and see if anyone likes this stuff as much as I do. Thus you are here, reading these words, and possibly seeing this art.

The art itself derived from failed experimentation with art that I worked on for clients in my alter ego as Donovan+Gilhooley. I’d get artwork, monkey with it, thrash it, fold-spindle-and-mutilate it and see what I could make of it — only to realize it was never going to be useful in a brochure or website for an OB/GYN.

A Work in Progress
A Work in Progress

But I liked it. A lot. So I’d set it aside and months or years would go by. The digital equivalent of dust would settle on it.

No more.